Benefits of Hiring a Texas Elder Law Attorney

A licensed specialist in elder law is an attorney who has undergone specialized training in elder law issues, has practiced in that specific area for a certain amount of time, and has been accredited as highly qualified in elder law by their State Bar or by another accrediting organization.

The substantial benefit of employing an elder law attorney is their expertise and their ability to handle a wide array of issues facing older adults. Financial planners may only understand the financial perspective; Medicaid-planning, estate-planning attorneys may only understand their practice of expertise. However, when dealing with legal issues that affect the elderly, employing an elder law attorney is invaluable. It’s an extensive and crucial specialty, but anyone can allege to specialize in elder law.

You should only hire an elder law attorney when your needs pertain to Medicaid and long-term care issues.

Licensed elder law attorneys have expertise spanning a wide range of issues that concern the elderly, and they can advise on how your financial plans may affect your assisted living circumstances, Medicaid or Medicare coverage, and other concerns. Choose an attorney who specializes in Texas elder law and possesses an elder law certification.

An officially certified elder law attorney must pass a series of rigorous requirements to obtain certification. Elder law can incorporate a broad span of issues, from Texas nursing home Medicaid qualification requirements and Medicare claims to estate planning, special needs trusts, fraud recovery and elder abuse, retirement issues, and issues involving long-term care and assisted living.

Certification requirements include:

  • Experience practicing as an attorney for a minimum of five years with an emphasis on elder law for at least three.
  • Passing a specialized exam with an emphasis on legal matters that have an impact on the elderly.
  • A peer review from five practicing lawyers.
  • Ongoing education to keep up with advancements in elder law.

Many of the matters covered under elder law are financial and therefore fall under the scope of expertise of financial planners who receive commissions relative to the products they sell. The advice of an elder law attorney will then be less biased than that of a financial planner as they are not attempting to sell you a product considering that their salary is not affected by what they sell.

Why You May Need an Elder Law Attorney

You should consult an elder law attorney if you or a loved one are concerned about the cost of long-term care and how it will be paid for. An elder law attorney will be able to explain the various options available for paying for long-term care, including government benefit programs and how to qualify for them.

Employing an attorney who specializes in elder law might have some obstacles. Speak with friends and family members who have been through the process already to obtain advice, recommendations, and be sure to choose an attorney who is certified in the state of Texas in the field of elder law. You’re more likely to find someone who can assist you with all of your legal issues if you do.

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  1. It’s good to know that elder lawyers need at least five years of experience to get certified. My grandmother passed without a complete will last week, and we’re not sure what that means. We’d like to hire an elder lawyer to help us divide her estate.

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