Can Senior Citizens Get Medicaid?

Yes! If a senior is medically and financially qualified, Medicaid will pay for virtually all of their long-term treatment expenses. In Texas, long-term care costs are extremely expensive, whether in an assisted living facility, home health care, or nursing home. Medicare coverage for long-term care is exceptionally restricted, private health insurance policies typically do not cover long-term care, and hardly any people have invested in private long-term care insurance policies.

For Texans requiring long-term care, Medicaid is the most common source of financial backing. Both federal and state funds sponsor Medicaid, and it supplies health insurance to about 14% of Texans.

There are a number of alternative ways to become qualified for Medicaid in Texas, and Texas has specific requirements for long-term care services like assisted living facilities, home health care services, and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities supply food, and personal care services offer help with bathing, dressing, and medication administration.

Medicaid did not subsidize assisted living facilities in the past. However, Texas has two programs that provide Medicaid payment for assisted living facilities if you meet specific criteria.

If you are otherwise qualified for Medicaid and if you can prove that a nurse home is medically necessary for you (also known as “meeting the nursing home level of care”), then you may be eligible for either Community Based Alternative (CBA) Medicaid or for STAR PLUS Medicaid Waiver services.

Both of these programs fund home and community-based services, including assisted living facilities for seniors who would, in other circumstances, have needed to be institutionalized in a nursing home. STAR PLUS and CBA have limited enrollment and are not accessible in all areas of Texas. To receive more information, please contact your local Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services office.

The state of Texas has a specific sort of assisted living facility called a continuing care facility (CCF). CCFs offer custodial care and continuous supervision, but not around-the-clock nursing care. Medicaid does not cover CCFs.

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