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Many people understand how important a will is in Texas. This estate planning legal document provides details on how someone wants their assets distributed after their death. With the help of one of our San Antonio wills and trusts attorneys at The Voeller Law Firm, we can help our legal clients establish wills and trusts that follow the estate planning laws in Texas. During a free legal consultation, we can explain to our clients the differences between the two and help them to make an informed decision.

Difference Between Wills and Trust

With a will, you can accomplish more than just property distribution. You can also determine the guardian for children, create trusts and name trustee who will handle your estate, and much more. It can also make sure that all surviving partners and/or children continue to receive certain government benefits after your death in San Antonio Texas.

Ultimately, these estate planning documents help you to preserve your assets while continuing to receive long-term care benefits. This helps loved ones to avoid probate court and unnecessary liens or taxes after your passing. Our job as your wills and trusts attorney is to offer you the best possible advice to help you to make important decisions for your family’s future. We can help you chose between different types of revocable living trusts, depending on your situation and if you want the ability to change it after putting it into place.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about wills and trusts in San Antonio, call to schedule a free consultation with our legal team at The Voeller Law Firm. We serve the entire San Antonio metro area. Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers have the skills and resources necessary to help you the best way we can. To learn more about our legal services and to schedule a free legal consultation with a wills and trusts attorney today, call our law office at (210) 651-3851.

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