Get Peace of Mind with a San Antonio Estate Planning Lawyer

Whether you have a great deal of assets or you have very little, it is important to make it known what you wish to do with your estate if you pass away. Visiting with a San Antonio estate planning lawyer can help you to get the security you need. Preparing a will is something that you can do for your family that they will appreciate when you pass away. This lays out clear instructions with regard to how you want your estate handled.

Be Prepared When Visiting the San Antonio Estate Planning Lawyer.

Your first meeting with a San Antonio estate planning lawyer will be a good time for the lawyer to learn more about your desires and for you to ask questions. The lawyer from the Voeller Law Firm may ask that you fill out a questionnaire prior to the meeting so that they have a handle on what you have for assets and how you think you want to allocate them to your beneficiaries. You will want to consider the bigger assets that you have when thinking about how you want to set up your will-related documents.
One of our Texas lawyers will want to know who you will choose as the administrator of your estate as well as whom you will choose if that person is not available when needed or if they choose not to take on the responsibility. If you have children, you will want to consider who you would choose for a guardian if something happened to you. You can choose someone other than the guardian of your children to care for their inheritance until they are of a certain age.

Act Now to Have Documents Prepared by a San Antonio Estate Planning Lawyer Prepare.

Some of the typical documents prepared by a San Antonio estate planning lawyer include a will, durable power of attorney, living will, and health care proxy. As a part of estate planning, you may be setting up a trust to keep some of your real estate or to hold other assets until you pass away. These documents can also be prepared by a lawyer. Professionals at the Voeller Law Firm are ready to help you. Meet with an estate planning lawyer today by calling 210-651-3851 to schedule an appointment.

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