Seeking a Respected Revocable Trust Attorney in San Antonio?

If you’re seeking a competent and respected revocable trust attorney, then trust the experienced and professional attorneys at The Voeller Law Firm. Proudly providing their legal experience to the San Antonio, Bexar County, Comal County, Guadalupe County, and South Texas areas, The Voeller Law Firm will represent you with the respect and competency you need and deserve.

Revocable Trusts And You

According to, there are “six surprising facts” about revocable trusts, one of them being that “…not every asset should go into a trust.” The site further states that there is increased FDIC protection. also stresses the importance of having a revocable trust, as trusts are not always private, nor do they replace a will. The site further states: “Not all states impose an estate or inheritance tax, and typically any taxes are levied by the state where the decedent lived at the time of death.” provides additional information about revocable trusts, citing that when one is in place, you can avoid probate: “Probate avoidance is probably the greatest advantage of a revocable living trust. Why subject your loved ones and your property to the restrictive rules of probate court when you can easily avoid it by funding a trust?” The site further states that guardian and conservatorship proceedings are not necessary when a revocable trust is created: “Why subject your loved ones and your property to the restrictive rules of guardianship or conservatorship if you should become incapacitated? Forming a revocable living trust involves naming a successor trustee, someone to step in and manage the trust for you if a time comes when you’re no longer able to do so yourself.”

Why Choose The Voeller Law Firm For Your Revocable Trust

Your decision to create a revocable trust is a personal one, and one that will be treated with the utmost respect by the attorneys of The Voeller Law Firm. With their experience, success rate and knowledge base, you can be assured that the creation of your revocable trust will be in capable hands.

You deserve a law firm that will listen to your wishes and desires, and address all of your questions. You deserve a law firm that will communicate with you throughout the entire process of the creation of your revocable trust. You deserve the professional attorneys of The Voeller Law Firm. Contact The Voeller Law Firm today!

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