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Finding the right probate attorney for your needs

When a person passes away, the grief associated with that loss is difficult to manage. But when legal matters related to the estate become part of the equation, grief can quickly turn to anger, causing, even more, pain for family members.

That’s why it is essential to do as much pre-planning as possible with your estate. You can direct the disposition of your assets and assign who will manage the job as an executor, minimizing problems when you pass away.

In some cases, after a person passes away, the job of executor will overwhelm the person so named. When that happens, it’s best to seek the assistance of an experienced probate attorney.

In San Antonio, and throughout the state of Texas, there are two types of probate attorneys who can be retained to help with estate matters. There are transactional attorneys who help with administrative functions related to probate. There are also attorneys who litigate probate issues where legal matters occur because an executor is doing a poor job, or the division of assets does not seem appropriate.

Finding a good probate attorney who matches your needs does require some work. It’s imperative that you find somebody who you are compatible with and that you trust.

Many people start by asking friends or business associates for a referral. Word of mouth reputation is often the best way to find a perfect match for your probate needs. Once you have narrowed the list down to two or three possible attorneys, you’ll want to check their biographical information, the Texas state bar association, their professional memberships and special certifications such as being a part of the American Association of Estate Planning Attorneys. And last but not least, make sure you understand their fee structure and how payment works before entering into any agreement.

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