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If you’re in business, you need a good lawyer

As a business owner, you are juggling a million different things at any given time.

With many of those challenges you can deal with by yourself, but in other instances, you should have an expert handling matters for you. It just makes good sense to surround yourself with a great accountant, outstanding sales people, and above all else, an experienced business lawyer.

Savvy San Antonio business people understand that when it comes to legal matters, an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure, which can be costly, time-consuming and could permanently damage a business. And the size of the business doesn’t matter, whether it’s a mom and pop storefront, or a large corporation with dozens or even hundreds of employees.

Business lawyers are especially valuable during a start-up phase. For example, if you’re going to incorporate your business, you’ll need an attorney to help you draft articles of incorporation, bylaws, issues related to the issuance of stock, partnership agreements, filings with the state of Texas, non-compete agreements for new employees, contract reviews for employees and key suppliers, and many more services.

There is a long list of legal issues for any business owner to be concerned with at most any juncture of their business life.

It’s also important to remember that with an experienced business lawyer on hand, it frees up an entrepreneur to do what they do best, which is to focus on their products and services, build customer relationships, market and sell to a worldwide audience and grow a dedicated staff that will ensure the long-term success of a business venture.

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