Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

Lawyers today specialized in distinct areas of the law. Elder law attorneys focus on serving the needs of older people – respectfully referred to as, senior citizens. Attorneys provide counsel and perform services not only to the elder community but to their families as well. In hiring an elder attorney, you hire a professional who not only considers the needs of the elder person but those of families struggling with the legal maze of elder health care, finances, and beyond. Not to be confused with estate planning attorneys, elder law attorneys often work with estate attorneys or financial advisors to coordinate the various aspects of elder financial planning.

Elder law covers an extensive range of legal and financial matters that affect senior citizens and disabled people. The laws that govern the elderly are complex, vary from state to state, and are frequently subject to change. It is vitally important to choose a skilled elder law attorney who stays acquainted with the ever-changing legal landscape. There are complicated questions associated with the lives of older adults, and the answers will be different for each unique individual. An elder law attorney should be well-informed on the full range of issues. It is not enough to hire someone versed in only one or two.

What to Ask a Potential Elder Attorney?

You should never be reluctant to ask a potential elder attorney in-depth questions. After all, they will be representing you and your family in some important legal and financial matters. They have your family and your elder loved one’s future in their hands. Also, you will be paying them for the service. No question is inappropriate. Remember, elder lawyers cover a panoply of issues concerning the elderly. They should have a good grasp of all of them.

  •  Years of practice in the field
  • Representative cases
  • Special degrees and certificates
  • Familiarity with Texas and federal elder law
  • The latest Medicare and Medicaid Laws covering long term care
  • Medicare and Medicaid compliance, claims & appeals
  •  Latest laws about civil rights and well-being of seniors
  • Local housing references
  • The cost of nursing homes; home care
  • Preservation and transfer of assets
  • Disability and Social Security benefits, claims, and appeals
  • Supplemental health and long-term care insurance
  • Nursing Home / Long-Term Care
  • Retirement plans and benefits
  • Housing discrimination
  • Elder Abuse and fraud
  • Grandparent’s visitation rights
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship
  • Long term planning, advance directives, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Wills, and Living Wills


Most elder attorneys charge an hourly rate and rates differ. It is wise to ask about fees beforehand. What you spend will depend upon whether your association with the attorney is ongoing, or whether everything you need can be set up at once. You may pay hourly each time you address a new issue. Just make sure your attorney is certified in elder law.

A Word from The Voeller Law Firm

Hiring the right Elder Law attorney can save you money and help you avoid legal problems. Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind that you and/or your loved one’s legal and financial interests are protected.

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