Living Wills Create Peace of Mind

A living will is one type of a multitude of estate plans that exist. It allows a person to express their medical and end-of-life treatment decisions and provide clear medical instructions to family members and healthcare professionals.

The purpose of a living will is to ensure that a person’s medical care wishes are honored should they become mentally incapacitated. The case of a pregnant Texas woman diagnosed as “brain dead” but kept on life support against her family’s wishes underscores the importance of having an advanced directive that is written and on file.

This legally binding document puts in writing your decisions on receiving life-prolonging medical treatments via medical equipment and techniques, such as using a ventilator or feeding tube to keep you alive.

A living will allows you to express your exact preferences concerning actions. Any wishes that are put into a living trust must be implemented if there is an extreme medical situation where you cannot communicate, including at the end of your life.

Advantages of a Living Will

Most people have heard of a “living will,” but many have not implemented one for themselves. A recent survey revealed fewer than half of American adults have created a living will or other health care estate plan of some type. The most common reason given for not creating this type of document was that end-of-life care was difficult to discuss.

There are many benefits to having a living will among your other estate planning documents.

  • It makes end-of-life decisions less stressful for your loved ones and eliminates some of their pain and guilt from making tough decisions regarding your prolonged medical care
  • Your end-of-life decision is not left in the hands of multiple family members, who may all have to agree before any action is taken

An Enforceable Document

If you do not already have a living will, our experienced attorneys at Voeller Law Firm in San Antonio will help you draft a valid and enforceable document that addresses all your healthcare wishes. We will assist you in creating a directive so that no matter what happens in an emergency, your medical instructions and preferences will be executed.

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