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The process of estate administration after a person’s death involves the management of their financial and other assets and the distribution of these to heirs, creditors, and the state or government in the form of taxes. This process can become complicated, especially if there were many debts or if there are many heirs as well as the terms of distribution were not well planned or are vague.  But what if you’ve been named the executor of someone’s will, and are the person who is expected to distribute all these assets?  Don’t let it all overwhelm you!  Simply hire an experienced attorney from the Voeller Law Firm of San Antonio, Texas to help you make sure everything gets done correctly.

The Job of The Executor

The person who is named executor of an estate is the one who is responsible for making sure the wishes of the deceased, as expressed in the will are honored. If there is no will, the executor then works with probate court to distribute the assets according to the intestate succession laws of the state, or the state laws that specify how the money is to be distributed. The executor of an estate also notifies everyone involved of the death, like the deceased’s banks, credit unions, and Social Security. When assets are left to beneficiaries, the executor contacts the beneficiaries to notify them. The matter of taxes must also be handled. A skilled attorney from the Voeller Law Firm of San Antonio, Texas can help the executor to be certain that all of his or her duties are covered in the administration of the estate.

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