What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

Probate refers to proof of wills. In Texas probate law, most wills direct a named executor to pursue independent administration. This is because it’s easier and less expensive. The state, then, takes a somewhat hands-off approach to these types of arrangements. Our Texas probate lawyer at The Voeller Law Firm has years of experience representing individuals like you and can help you prove and execute a will as it was intended.

About Wills

In Texas, the executor doesn’t have to post a bond nor ask for the court’s permission before settling the estate, whether this means paying debts, selling estate property, or distributing assets. However, an independent executor must publish a notice to creditors and file an assets inventory with the court. The executor also is entitled to a commission of 5% of all the money that the estate receives and pays out.

Our probate lawyer can represent families like yours when there is no will, an administration is open, or when the property must be divided in court. For wills with an executor, the estate must be collected, managed, and distributed according to the will document. Our lawyer can ensure this occurs effectively.

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Our team of probate lawyers at The Voeller Law Firm can help you to find the answers to questions you have about your estate planning situation, helping you begin the decision-making process of what works best for you and your family.

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