Utilizing the Help of a San Antonio Gun Trust Lawyer

In order to keep class 3 firearms in the hands of loved ones and family for many generations, a San Antonio gun trust lawyer from the Voeller Law Firm can create a trust that keeps the firearms in the trust while the grantor is still alive. The firearms are passed down through generations while remaining in the trust through the many beneficiaries. A trustee is appointed to maintain the trust and a successor trustee after that. The trust must be carefully formulated since there are many requirements by the ATF for such firearms. Getting the help of one of our Texas lawyers is essential to ensuring it is put together well and works correctly for the purposes it is created.

A San Antonio Gun Trust Lawyer Can Help with the Process.

Before you consider purchasing a class 3 firearm, remember that there is substantial red tape that goes along with the process. While there are still significant requirements and documentation that must be met for the FTA, the process is more streamlined when a trust is used for the legal process. A qualified and experienced San Antonio gun trust lawyer is an excellent asset to have in your corner during this process. They can create the documents necessary and handle all of the issues that might arise throughout the process. Expect that they will need for you to produce various documents while working through the process ahead. The sooner you provide them with what is necessary, the faster they can get going on the process.

Get Started Right Away by Calling a San Antonio Gun Trust Lawyer for an Appointment.

Contacting a San Antonio gun trust lawyer before you get started can help you to get a better idea of what is necessary to be successful. The attorney will ask questions about your wishes and work with you to be sure that you meet all the requirements necessary to get started. Meeting with the attorney will give him or her the opportunity to discuss the process so that you know what is expected. Get started right away by contacting us at the Voeller Law Firm at 210-651-3851 to go over the details.

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