Seeking A Competent Gun Trust Lawyer In San Antonio?

If you’ve decided that it’s time for you to create a gun trust, then let The Voeller Law Firm assist.  Proudly serving the communities of San Antonio, Bexar County, Comal County, Guadalupe County and South Texas areas, the attorneys at The Voeller Law Firm can help you create a gun trust that will enable you to efficiently secure and pass your guns, ammunition, and ammunition accessories to your family and/or stated beneficiaries.

Understanding A Gun Trust outlines the importance of a gun trust: “An increasing number of gun owners, with help from attorneys, are creating legal trusts to buy silencers, fully-automatic machine guns, or any other item or weapon whose sale is restricted by federal gun law, otherwise known as the National Firearms Act (NFA). This legal entity subverts the requirement to obtain local law enforcement approval, or even undergo criminal background checks. This trust goes around much of the red tape and problems associated with personal ownership of NFA weapons.”  The website further adds that gun trusts “allow the owners of the regulated firearms to use and share them legally with family members, and to pass them down through the generations. [Gun trusts] are gaining in number because they offer legal protection from potential future laws that may ban the possession or sale of the firearms.”

Why Choose The Voeller Law Firm For Your Gun Trust

According to LawNews.TV, there are several benefits to having a gun trust. For example, once a gun trust is created, an accidental felony is prevented: “The worst legacy you can leave is for a family member or friend to become an accidental felon as a result of a poor estate plan that does not guard against unlawful transfer or possession of firearms.” Another benefit includes the maintenance of privacy.

The attorneys at The Voeller Law Firm will be able to help you establish a solid and comprehensive gun trust that answers the question of who will obtain your firearms in the event of your death. The dedicated team at The Voeller Law Firm will also answer any questions you have surrounding a gun trust in the state of Texas. Contact the experienced lawyers at The Voeller Law Firm for your gun trust. You deserve the best, and The Voeller Law Firm is ready to assist!

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