See a San Antonio Elder Law Attorney to Protect Your Family Member’s Rights

There are many reasons that an elderly individual or their family might hire a San Antonio elder law attorney from the Voeller Law Firm. Whether it is to plan for health and personal care, handle fiduciary issues, housing issues, or even the rights of a resident of a long-term facility; a qualified legal professional from our Texas law firm can change these circumstances. It’s vital that an elderly individual has someone in their corner that is there to protect their rights as they face many difficult decisions. All too often they are not aware of their rights in a given legal situation.

Gather the Information that You Need for the San Antonio Elder Law Attorney.

Take the time to gather all the information possible before meeting with a San Antonio elder law attorney from our firm. This will allow our team to get a clear picture of the situation and to provide us what we need to plan for the elderly individual. If there is estate planning in the future, the individual will need to choose who they want to be the administrator of their estate, who they choose to benefit from their estate, and what they want to do with respect to decisions that come up that they can’t make themselves. If there is an issue with a long-term care facility, it is important to relay all of the information to our Texas lawyer so that he or she can research and learn more about the issues at hand. Even the smaller details that you might think are not important could help.

Contact Us Today for Information on How a San Antonio Elder Law Attorney Can Help.

If you feel that an elderly family member needs help from a San Antonio elder law attorney, don’t waste time. Reach out to one of our legal professionals quickly to discuss what you can do to either plan for the future or deal with an elder care situation. You may be able to get the help needed faster than you think. They will gladly listen to the circumstances and give you some idea of what they can do to help. Call the Voeller Law Firm today to set up a consultation at 210-651-3851.

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