How a San Antonio LLC Lawyer Can Help

Forming the right type of business is an important consideration not only on day one, but in the future when you consider tax implications, decision making implications, and even how dissolution will be handled someday in the future. A San Antonio LLC lawyer, such those at the Voeller Law Firm, can help you determine whether the LLC is the right business format for your company, or if you are better suited for something else entirely. If you are considering an LLC, or currently operating an LLC in the San Antonio area, it is important that you have a San Antonio LLC lawyer who is willing to go to step up and advise you any time you have questions or concerns regarding your business.

Benefits of a San Antonio LLC Lawyer

An LLC lawyer in San Antonio is someone who is trained and well versed in everything that sets an LLC business formation apart from other types of companies, and so this will be an attorney who can help you navigate the business landscape in ways that will specifically benefit your business. It is important to understand how LLCs are different from other forms of businesses, and that there are several different types of LLCs such as domestic LLCs, foreign LLCs, professional LLCs or PLLCs, nonprofit LLCs, and series LLCs.

Texas is one of few states that recognizes series LLCs, allowing companies to segregate assets into a separate series, shielding each of the series from liability that arises from assets held in another series. One example of how this can be beneficial is in the context of real estate development because if liability arises in one project, it will not affect another.

Consult with a San Antonio LLC Lawyer Today

It is important to have someone you can turn to any time you have a legal concern, and the Voeller Law Firm specializes in these types of concerns from formation to dissolution and absolutely everything in between when it comes to the LLC business format. Once you’re ready to discuss the specific concerns that you have, simply give us a call at 210-651-3851 to find out what we can do for you.

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