A San Antonio Living Trust Lawyer Can Help You Protect Yourself

After a person passes away, the assets that they leave behind can be tied up in probate for some time until it is determined where the items should go. This can happen even if you have a Last Will and Testament. There are several things that can be done before this happens to prevent this from happening and make things much easier for your loved ones. One way to handle this is by enlisting the help of a San Antonio living trust lawyer to help you create a living trust.

What a San Antonio Living Trust Lawyer Can Create to Help.

A San Antonio living trust lawyer from the Voeller Law Firm will draft a document called a living trust. The living trust is an instrument that acts as an agreement allowing the trustee of assets to have legal possession of the assets or funds belonging to the beneficiary. This legal document is created while they are still alive giving it the name living trust. The document essentially passes the property, assets, or funds on to the one they are intended to go to after death, but before death.

It is wise to carefully consider your assets and how you see them being divided among those that you care about before you sit down with the San Antonio living trust lawyer. One of our lawyers will go over how the process works, how it affects you and your assets while you are alive as well as how the assets will transfer to the beneficiaries upon your death.

Don’t Put Off Visiting a San Antonio Living Trust Lawyer Today.

While many people find that it is easy to push off making these decisions, it is important that you make things as easy for your loved ones as possible after your death. The guesswork will be removed if you are able to work on your estate planning. Take the time to get more information from our professionals at the Voeller Law Firm. Call us at 210-651-3851 today to get started with your estate planning and getting the peace of mind that you need.

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