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Why you need a gun trust attorney

If you’re an avid gun enthusiast like many other people in San Antonio and throughout Texas, then you are also concerned about your gun rights and responsibilities, as you should be.

Although less common in other states, in Texas, many gun owners work with an attorney to set up a gun trust to address the unique issues associated with their firearms, which are the most heavily regulated type of personal property in the United States.

Gun trusts are especially useful for law-abiding citizens who want to own and use guns that have been regulated under the National Firearms Act. The NFA regulates fully automatic weapons, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns and sound suppressors. Under the act, a person, a gun trust or other legal entities can legally acquire firearms by obtaining prior approval from the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Gun trusts are high customized legal agreements that specifically spell out the use, possession and transfer of firearms that are in the trust. Most trusts explicitly spell out how guns will be managed if the grantor of the trust passes away or becomes incapacitated. While most people put their NFA guns into these trusts, because the transfer of gun ownership is easier inside of a trust, many people also put their non-NFA guns into a trust as well.

Gun trusts offer some unique advantages. While individual ATF applications require fingerprinting, photographs and chief law enforcement officer approval, guns in gun trusts do not require any of these when an ATF application is submitted.

NFA firearms in a trust can also be used and owned by more than one person. NFA guns owned by a single person can only be used and owned by that person.

Transferring ownership of guns in a gun trust is a much simpler process than if a transfer takes place as part of a probate process when a gun owner passes away.

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