Frequently Asked Questions for Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law attorneys specialize in dealing with the legal issues that affect the elderly, such as planning an estate for a beneficiary or designating someone to make financial or medical decisions for an elderly person who is unable to do so. Since most aging people have many of the same issues, there are some questions that are frequently asked of elder law attorneys.

How Can I Avoid the Probate Process?

People who have accumulated significant financial assets often want to avoid a lengthy probate process that creates long waiting periods for their beneficiaries. Elder law attorneys can recommend options for avoiding this process. Various types of trusts can be used to protect either business or personal assets from being tied up in court for months or even years. Putting these assets into a trust can also help to avoid excessive taxation of these assets.

How Can I Plan for Guardianship of a Special Needs Child?

Special needs children often are dependent upon others for their care even as they enter adulthood. This is why aging parents are often concerned about who will give them that care. An elder law attorney can help a parent to plan for the guardianship of a special needs child by setting up a trust fund and designating a trustee to manage the child’s financial affairs and also by appointing a legal guardian who will care for the child after the parent passes away.

How Can I Prepare for End-of-Life Health Care?

Elder law attorneys can help people to create legal documents designating who will be responsible for their end-of-life care. Designating someone as a power of attorney gives them the power to manage the financial and everyday affairs of someone who has become incapacitated. Advance directives can also be used to specify what kind and how much care is to be given as someone approaches the end of life.

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