Do I Need a Trust for a Suppressor?

A suppressor is considered a Title II firearm. It’s common for individuals to have questions about using a regular or existing trust to purchase a suppressor. However, in Texas, it is not required to have a gun trust to purchase a suppressor. It can be purchased by an individual, a trust, or a business entity. An individual must get a CLEO signature and provide their fingerprints with the proper application in order to purchase a suppressor. A $200 tax stamp and completion of an ATF form 4 are also required.

Benefits of a Gun Trust

A gun trust can be submitted electronically and is processed in just months. You have the right to let the representatives of your estate know how to properly transfer your firearms after your death, especially if you intend to leave them to your children (even under the age of 18). Ultimately, this trust protects you and your family from constructive possession, which is a violation of the NFA. You can also design a gun trust to protect these firearms from creditors and to be held in the family for generations to come.

Understanding Trusts and Gun Purchases

A gun trust is a trust that is designed for NFA or non-NFA firearms. When a revocable trust is used to purchase NFA firearms, a regular trust is used to instruct those who survive you on how to dispose of the firearms or to instruct them to sell them to pay bills or funeral expenses. A professional probate lawyer from The Voeller Law Firm can review your trust and ensure that it follows all necessary laws so that your family is protected.

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